MIDWEST Mentorship Program

MIDWEST is excited to announce its new Mentorship Program!

Mentors, who are college and university students with disabilities, will be matched with Scholars (high school juniors and seniors) with similar disabilities and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Mentors will share what they have learned regarding academic accommodations, transition to higher education, study skills, self-advocacy, etc. Scholars and Mentors will meet at least once per month, using one of three communication modes:

Face-to-Face Communication (FFC):

Mentors will travel to the high schools to meet with Scholars one-on-one, face-to-face.

Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC):

Mentors and Scholars will only meet online through synchronous or asynchronous chats or e-mail.

Hybrid-Communication (HCP):

Mentors and Scholars will meet face-to-face regularly and can keep in touch using chats or e-mails between face-to-face meetings.
Scholars will be assigned to one of the three communication modes.  Mentors will work with Scholars from each of the three modes.

Benefits for Mentors:

Share all you’ve learned about accommodations, transition, study skills, etc
Share your interest in a STEM field
Receive a stipend to help support your college education

Benefits for Scholars:

Learn from someone with experience
Ask all your accommodations, transition, study skills, and college-related questions
Share your interest in a STEM field


Contact Alicia Blegen, Mentorship Program Coordinator, by phone (608) 890-0992 or e-mail , or by mail:

Alicia Blegen
427 Goodnight Hall
1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Information for HIGH SCHOOL students—SCHOLARS

Information for COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY students—MENTORS

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