Resources for Faculty/Staff

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  • Search the AccessSTEM Knowledge Base (The Alliance to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for information and resources

K-12 & Post Secondary

  • National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

  • Association on Higher Education and Disability

  • The Winning Equation: Access + Attitude = Success in Math & Science

  • Equal Access: Science and Students with Sensory Impairments

  • Equal Access: Universal Design of Your Project

  • Equal Access: Universal Design of Instruction

  • Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities

  • Universal Design in Education: Principles and Applications

  • Universal Design of Instruction: Definition, Principles, and Examples

  • Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology

  • Working Together: Science Teachers and Students with Disabilities

  • World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design

  • Information Access Laboratory
    Opportunities in Science, Engineering, and Math for Students with Disabilities

  • Science Access Project
    Oregon State University, methods for making science, math, and engineering information accessible to people with print disabilities

    the Clearinghouse On Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science--a comprehensive resource in the education of deaf students

  • EASI, Equal Access to Software and Information
    On-line training on Accessible Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities

  • EASI Street to Science, Engineering and Math
    Science and Math Resources

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